Focus Business Model

Focus Business Plan

Our focus is on the development, sale, licensing and installation of both products and software for the IoT and Wireless Communication industries.

Revenue models will include:

  • IoT Manufacturing – Focus has developed product kits (Sensors, Ubiquitor, DoC) that are currently in demo stage for the agriculture, horticulture, aquaculture, smart home and smart commercial markets.
  • USIP  – Focus plans to offer software, firmware and hardware solutions into both an Ubiquitor and a DoC chip, which has the potential to drastically reduce hardware and software engineering costs for IoT device and software developers.
  • Ultra Narrowband – Focus plans to license software and sell ICs with its patented ultra narrowband technology for both PLC and 5G+ with the potential to increase speed and range, reduce cost and optimize performance.
  • Custom Solutions – Focus offers custom device design and installation solutions for both the commercial and residential industries.