Ultra Narrowband Wireless Communication 5G Plus

Five G Plus

5G vs. 5G Plus

Current 5G cellular communication is reaching its critical limit due to high energy usage costs for 5G base stations. Focus Universal 5G Plus
provides more range than 4G systems at a higher data rate than 5G systems with no new capital investment for new cell towers required.

Next-generation wireless communication technology with the potential to be faster, provide more coverage, and have substantial cost savings
over existing 5G technology.

5GPlus Features
Source: Huwaei - Click image for full article

5G Plus Advantages:

  • Up to 1 Gbps and 5G high band speed
  • Up to 10X the coverage range of 5G
  • Substantial savings on 5G infrastructure costs
  • Potential energy reduction of 6000X
  • Substantial cost savings for C-Band spectrum radio waves signals required for 5G communication